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Luscious Vanilla Wax Melts

Luscious Vanilla Wax Melts

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Indulge in the decadent allure of our creamy Luscious Vanilla Wax Melts. Let the velvety vanilla notes create a warm, comforting atmosphere, reminiscent of a rich buttery vanilla. Transform any space into a haven of relaxation with the irresistible, creamy sweetness that lingers in the air.

Top notes: Madagascan Vanilla, Nutmeg, Buttery

Middle notes: Floral

Base notes: Nuts, Wood, Musk

Each bag contains approximately 50g of wax in varying sizes.

Did you know:

Our wax melt bags are made with biodegradable and recyclable paper.

Wax Melt Safety:

Remove all packaging and place the wax melt in the well of your burner.

Use an unscented tea light so that you can enjoy the scent of your wax melt.

Always keep the wax burner out of reach from children and pets.

Do not move the wax burner whilst in use and still hot.

Keep the burner well away from drafts, other heat sources, and anything flammable, and never leave the burner unattended whilst in use.

Make sure your burner is on an even and stable surface.

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